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Europa Investment Property primarily focuses on real estate projects with a high level of investment safety, quick return of finances, and a notable attractiveness to potential investors. Concerning the real estate market offers an enormous amount of opportunities, our specialists look exclusively for projects that show no deficiencies nor they are burdened by additional legal requirements and obstacles.

ikonka EIP výstavba


We invest in the construction of administration buildings and residential buildings

ikonka EIP rekonstrukce


We invest in the reconstruction of luxurious apartments, properties, and other real estate projects.

ikonka EIP inženýring


We invest in construction planning based on the intents of our investors.

ikonka EIP obchod


We invest in real estate projects that have a high marketability potential.


projekt Apartmány My Harrachov od Premiot Group a EIP
Watch the project video: HERE

My Harrachov

Project My Harrachov – a construction and reconstruction of an accommodation facility and luxurious serviced hotel-type apartments.

Europa Investment Property will receive a valid building permit in September 2020. Demolition will take place sometime in winter 2020/2021. The whole area will undergo complete reconstruction and redevelopment later in the spring. The completion of the project depends solely on receiving the building permit. The total investment counts up to 240 000 000 CZK.

projekt hotelu EIP v Budapešti
Watch the project video: HERE

Hotel and offices, F&B objects

EIP is planning construction of a hotel complex in the centre of Budapest, including 300 apartments, private parking, and numerous commercial facilities such as restaurants, bars, cafés, and offices.

Project details:
Construction start date: 01/11/2019
Completion date: 30/12/2023
Placed-in-service: 31/03/2024
Total investment: 40 000 000 EUR.

Apartmány – Mýto pod Ďumbierom
Apartments – Mýto pod Ďumbierom

The apartment building was granted a building permit in 2008. The whole reconstruction process will take approximately 3 months. Negotiations with a project architect concerning reconstruction changes are still ongoing. Reconstruction will include an expansion of various openings on the facade, an overall beautification of the building to correspond with modern standards, and a redesign of an interior layout of the apartments to meet the demand.

The main benefit of the project is its location. Apartments are situated in Low Tatras close to ski resorts. The closest ski resort with 4-seater chairlifts is only 200 meters far from the building itself. Jasná – the biggest ski resort in Slovakia is only 10 minutes by car.

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Projekt vila Na Doubkové 2 - rekonstrukce vily v širším centru Prahy

Vila – Na Doubkové 2

Ondrej Spodniak and his partner decided to restore a historic villa in Smichov, Prague via the company “Na Doubkové 2 s.r.o.”. The villa itself dates back to 1912. It’s an exclusive and pilot project in Smichov. The stunning villa in Smichov is about to be reconstructed. It was originally constructed for a factory owner Mr. Pašek in 1912. High ceilings and an area of 770 m2 which includes a beautiful garden deserve special care, as well as a good taste in design.

Watch the project video: HERE
EIP investice do nemovitosti Hotel Heviz

Hotel Hevíz – Maďarsko

Our portfolio includes an office building with warehouses situated in Budapest, Baross utca street. The total useful floor area of offices and warehouses is more than 5,100 m2. The project includes an expansion and construction of a brand-new building and an underground garage; therefore, the total useful floor area will extend by 3,000 m2. We’ll create a new office complex with warehouses and the underground garage, with an area of more than 5,000 m2. The building is currently leased to existing tenants.

Technologický park – Velký Osek

Industrial Park – Velký Osek

We obtained the industrial park in 2019. Later, our company sold the property to clients. On one hand, we demanded an area suitable for the construction of an industrial hall. However, the purchased property in Velký Osek near TPCA Kolín didn’t have a valid zoning decision. We intervened and the administration process has sped-up. Soon enough, we received a valid zoning decision, and as soon as we obtained legal power, the property was sold.