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If you wish to invest in corporate bonds these questions and answers may provide you the information you´ve been looking for, concerning the overall safety of investment, the return, and any other details regarding secured bonds, etc. See the overview of frequently asked questions and contact us in case you can’t find what you’ve been looking for. We’ll be happy to help. See the contact details HERE.

Corporate bonds of Europa Investment Property are secured by the company’s assets. Investments over 40,000 € are additionally secured by a bill of exchange of our parent company Premiot Group LTD.
Investments in our bonds are not subject to any additional entry fees, renewal fees nor cancellation fees.

Concerning the nominal value of a single bond, the minimum investment is 2,000 €. There is no upper limit to an investment, however, most of our investors decide to invest over 40,000 € to additionally secure their bonds by a bill of exchange.

It’s currently one of the most conservative forms of investment. Regarding the financing, it can be said that investors will find our corporate bonds used for investing in real estate projects very transparent.

If you’re a legal person you have to tax the profit from bonds. If you’re a natural person, Europa Investment Property will take care of the taxation and you, as an investor, will get the clean profit.

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