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Corporate bonds are currently one of the most stable and safe forms of appreciation of financial resources. We focus on investments in real estate development and construction. Thanks to the popularity of this segment, our company guarantees safe investments, which are comparable to safe investments in any bank.

However, banks usually offer low-interest rates, and they make no secret of the fact that their interest rate is just high enough to eliminate any negative impacts of inflation so that client’s investments won’t decrease in value.

You should ask for more. If you want to appreciate your funds effectively, a higher interest rate is needed. Most banks offer an interest rate of 4%. We give our clients much more. Our corporate bonds offer annual interest rate of 8%.

The nominal value of a bond 2.000 €. Bonds over 40.000 € are additionally secured by a bill of exchange.


Europa Investment Property as an investment company is subject to the laws and regulations of the Czech National Bank.

Why invest in EIP?


Thanks to a huge popularity of the segment, half of our projects are completed within 3 years.


A guaranteed minimum return of 15% from our projects ensures a stable appreciation of investments.


We actively participate in project financing and our financial resources cover a quarter of the total investment.


A significant amount of our profit is donated to social responsibility activities so that we offer a helping hand where it is needed the most.


To ensure the return of investments, we select investment opportunities very carefully. Our existing investors are informed in preference of newly issued bonds, as well as they are given a preference in purchasing. Only after our existing clients have been informed, bonds are made available for new investors. Our clients can always decide which project they would like to invest in.
We also give them an opportunity to divide their finances and invest in multiple projects, and so to say, diversify their investment portfolio.

Take a look at our current projects ready for investment.

All investment activities and bond issues are subject to regulations
of the Czech National Bank.

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What do our clients think about us?

The investment company Europa Investment Property is active on multiple European markets. Our offices are located in Prague, Budapest, London and most recently in Bratislava. Our finance specialists actively manage finances from more than 2,300 investors.

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